The Benefits of Connection

We make employee benefits easier and less expensive for business owners.

We do it by building buying power. The more clients we serve, the better deals we bring in for their insurance and retirement accounts. We become bigger in the marketplace, and your small business benefits.

Our employee benefit services enable any business to offer first-rate health care and 401(k) retirement plans. Which means that the benefits specialists at Axiom Human Resource Solutions help raise your value as an employer. You get to start out with a great employee benefits package and attract the talent you need to grow. (And we’ll be here to help you bring that benefits package up to speed as you do.)

We’re happy to be able to offer better rates to businesses of all sizes. Because we understand how daunting it can be to take on health care and employee benefit packages, from a cost angle and from a “too many options with way too many details” angle. We understand that without an appealing benefits program, your business loses opportunity and gets passed over by highly sought employees.

Forget about sorting through the details. Forget about finding the best deal. We do that for you.

How to get the power of a big business behind your benefits.

Let our expert team of benefits professionals connect you with the vendors who provide the most competitive healthcare packages, and let us tailor those programs to fit your needs. We even make enrollment easy, by visiting your company to walk employees through the facts they need, answering questions, talking with them privately about personal concerns, and offering self-service online enrollment platforms.

We work with Lincoln Financial for a 401(k) program that ensures you’re offering the retirement benefits that bring first-rate talent.

We help you design a program that suits your company and your employees and then we handle its administration. Basically, you sit back while we bring a tailored benefits package to your employees, and then keep it running smoothly.

Talk to us to see how easy it can be to give your current team every reason to stick with you, and to make your business more attractive to the new employees you need as you grow.