With all your data online, security is no doubt a concern. Know that we have it covered. In fact, our primary data center exceeds Department of Defense standards. It’s one of few commercially available facilities that do. That protection starts with vaults impervious to smoke, water, fire, and electromagnetic waves protected by a multiple-layer intrusion detection system and extends to a restricted perimeter monitored by pan-tilt zoom cameras and a 24-hour guard station. Further protection measures include

  • Armored conduit encasing all power and data lines
  • Biometric thumbprint readers at vault doors
  • Custom firewall rule sets
  • Private VLANs
  • Hardened operating systems
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Multiple backbone providers
  • Variable switch load balancing of Internet traffic
  • Round-the-clock system operation monitoring includes N+N power redundancy
  • 2-megawatt diesel backup generator

The long and short of it is that your data is protected by multiple layers of security that keep the physical structures running smoothly and out of harm’s way and ensure that your information is inaccessible to anyone outside your access circle.