Human Capital Management Solutions for Retail Services

Streamlining Operations to Empower Retail Growth

Customer satisfaction and efficient operation are the keystones of success for businesses in the retail services industry, and effective management of your human resources can make a significant difference.

Axiom Human Resource Solutions provides sophisticated human capital management (HCM) tools tailored to meet the unique needs of retail businesses. They are designed not only to streamline HR operations but also to enhance overall workforce productivity, providing direct benefits to your bottom line.

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How Does Axiom Help Businesses in the Retail Services Industry?

Retail stores, from bustling shopping centers to specialized boutiques, must navigate complexities like maintaining optimal staffing, ensuring customer satisfaction, and driving sales. Axiom’s advanced HCM solutions are designed to address these specific needs by providing robust tools that streamline your workforce management processes.

Axiom equips retail businesses with tailored HCM technology that simplifies essential HR functions such as scheduling, payroll, timekeeping, and compliance management. Our approach not only reduces the administrative burden on store managers and HR professionals but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your processes.

For example, by automating scheduling and timekeeping, Axiom helps ensure your staffing levels are aligned with store traffic patterns, which is important for maintaining customer service standards without overspending on labor.

Here are some other ways Axiom can help your retail business thrive:

Streamlining HR Processes

In retail, every minute counts. That’s why Axiom offers robust technology solutions that automate essential HR tasks such as payroll, benefits administration, and timekeeping.

By reducing the time and effort spent on administrative processes, retail managers and business owners can focus their attention on enhancing customer service and boosting sales performance. Automating HR processes with human capital management software also reduces errors associated with manual handling, ensuring more accurate and reliable HR management.

Talent Management: Applicant Tracking and Onboarding

Axiom aids retail businesses in attracting and retaining top talent by providing sophisticated applicant tracking systems and enhancing the onboarding process. Efficient onboarding processes ensure that new hires are integrated into the retail environment smoothly, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge from day one.

The result is a reduced learning curve for new employees, accelerating their time to productivity, which is crucial in the world of retail.

Compliance Management

Navigating the landscape of labor laws and regulations is a critical challenge for retail businesses. Axiom simplifies compliance by ensuring that all HR processes adhere to the latest legal standards, safeguarding your business against potential fines and legal challenges.

Effective compliance management also enhances your company’s reputation, fostering trust and reliability among customers and employees alike.

Employee Engagement

Developing programs to enhance employee engagement is vital for retail businesses, as the sector is known for higher turnover rates. Axiom’s solutions focus on improving engagement through better communication, recognition, and reward systems.

Engaged employees are more likely to be productive and committed to the company’s goals through the entire employee lifecycle, leading to improved service levels and increased sales.

Axiom Partners with UKG for Retail Services Human Capital Management Software Solutions

Axiom and Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) have teamed up to provide integrated, comprehensive HCM and talent management solutions tailored for the retail industry.

Our partnership combines Axiom’s deep understanding of retail HR challenges with UKG’s advanced employee management and performance management technology to offer a suite of tools that enhance workforce planning, from hiring to retirement.

UKG Ready HR

UKG Ready HR specifically addresses the challenges faced by the retail industry. The platform offers AI-powered forecasting and smart scheduling that anticipates customer traffic and aligns staff scheduling accordingly.

Using UKG Ready HR, you can ensure optimal staffing at all times, reducing labor costs while enhancing customer service across your retail business processes.

Additionally, the employee self-service feature enables your staff to manage their own schedules, request time off, and communicate with managers via a mobile app, further reducing the administrative load on HR managers and departments.

The easy communication between managers and employees enabled by this HCM system fosters a more connected workforce. Plus, since the HCM software is a cloud-based system, both managers and employees can access information, employee data, and tasks from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

HRIS & UKG Services
HRIS & UKG Services

UKG Ready Scheduler

Scheduling is one of the most complex, dynamic, and taxing tasks vital to the successful operation of your organization and driving better business outcomes. UKG Ready Scheduler is invaluable for retail businesses, enhancing control and efficiency over employee scheduling.

By utilizing data-driven scheduling, this system leverages historical sales data and other variables like customer traffic patterns to optimize staffing levels. This HCM software considers employee preferences and availability when creating schedules, helping to ensure fairness and avoid situations where a few employees are consistently stuck with undesirable shifts.

In other words, the scheduler enhances the employee experience by offering flexibility in scheduling, acknowledging employee preferences, and promoting a fair distribution of desirable and less desirable shifts. All of these benefits can help retain employees over time.

Precise scheduling will also prevent both understaffing during peak times and overstaffing during slow periods, which helps manage labor costs effectively.

Since UKG Ready Scheduler automates many scheduling tasks, it also frees up managers’ time to focus on other important aspects of running the store.

In short, with Axiom and UKG Ready, you can:

  • Intelligently schedule workers to meet fluctuating production demands
  • Have real-time visibility into accurate people data, budget constraints and staffing demands
  • Empower your people to be more autonomous while making the scheduling process more transparent

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    If you are looking to enhance operational efficiency and elevate employee engagement in your retail business, discover how Axiom and UKG Ready can revolutionize your workforce management.

    Embrace the benefits of a streamlined, data-driven approach to HR and see the positive impact on your day-to-day operations and long-term business growth.

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