Human Capital Management Solutions for Healthcare Services

HCM Tools That Help Take Care of Your People

Axiom can help lighten the load of workforce management across your healthcare organization, whether you’re a hospital, medical clinic, long-term care facility, or rehabilitation center. Our human capital management (HCM) solutions are specifically designed to enhance your operational efficiency and quality of care.

We can assess your existing human resource programs and technologies and develop seamless integration strategies that enable you to focus more on your biggest priority: patient outcomes.

How Does Axiom Help Businesses in the Healthcare Services Industry?

Healthcare environments, whether they are bustling hospitals or specialized long-term care facilities, present unique challenges that are both emotionally and physically demanding. The burdens on administrators and HR professionals to keep these institutions safely operating, fully compliant, and adequately staffed are enormous and multifaceted.

By implementing a tailored solution that includes effective and user-friendly HCM technology, we help streamline your workforce management tasks like timekeeping, scheduling, training, payroll, and more. This not only eases the workload on your HR staff but also directly boosts employee morale and engagement, improving the level of care your patients receive.

Axiom Human Resource Solutions is reshaping the way healthcare organizations manage their human capital, ensuring that HR departments are not just administrative units but strategic entities within the broader healthcare framework.

Streamlined HR Management

Our comprehensive human capital management platform brings together critical functionalities such as payroll, benefits administration, talent management, and timekeeping. This integrated approach simplifies HR operations, allowing healthcare providers to allocate more time and resources toward patient care and strategic growth.

By centralizing these essential services, Axiom helps healthcare businesses streamline their processes, resulting in significant time savings and reduced operational costs.

Improved Employee Experience

The employee experience is paramount in healthcare, where staff satisfaction directly impacts patient outcomes. Axiom’s own HCM software platform provides a centralized portal where employees can effortlessly access their paystubs, manage benefits information, and handle time-off requests. This centralized access not only boosts employee morale but also fosters a more engaged and committed workforce.

With improved engagement, you can see a notable increase in productivity, accelerated employee training, and a decrease in turnover, which is crucial in an industry facing constant staffing challenges.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

Regulatory compliance presents a persistent challenge in the healthcare sector, particularly with laws that govern employee data and privacy such as HIPAA. Axiom’s advanced HCM solutions ensure that healthcare organizations meet these stringent reporting requirements through secure data storage and robust access controls.

This compliance is critical not only for protecting patient and employee information but also for avoiding potential legal penalties that can arise from data breaches or non-compliance.

Focus on Strategic Initiatives

Embracing performance management technology can liberate your HR staff from the daily grind of routine tasks. By automating repetitive business processes, our human capital management software allows your HR team to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives, such as talent acquisition, career opportunities, and employee development.

These initiatives are vital for attracting and retaining the skilled medical professionals needed to deliver high-quality care. With Axiom, your healthcare organization can focus on developing its workforce and enhancing service offerings, ensuring you remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Axiom Partners with UKG for Healthcare Solutions

Axiom Human Resource Solutions has formed a strategic partnership with Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) to bring UKG Ready to the healthcare sector.

The collaboration leverages the power of UKG Ready, an integrated suite of human capital management tools, to enhance HR operations in healthcare settings.

Axiom’s integration with UKG Ready allows healthcare organizations to manage their workforce more efficiently and effectively, from routine administrative tasks to strategic initiatives that improve patient outcomes, care, and employee satisfaction.

With Axiom and UKG Ready, healthcare organizations can leverage workforce data and the sophisticated tools below to maintain a more focused, compliant, and satisfied workforce.

UKG Ready HR

UKG Ready HR is a comprehensive human resources management system designed to streamline a variety of HR tasks. This all-in-one platform manages all employee data securely in a centralized database, reducing reliance on disparate spreadsheets and manual records. It automates key HR processes such as onboarding, leave management, and performance reviews through its automated workflows, freeing up HR staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

The platform also includes an employee self-service portal, which empowers healthcare staff to manage their own HR-related tasks, such as benefits administration accessing paystubs and managing benefit elections, thereby enhancing employee experience and reducing administrative burdens on your HR department.

The system is designed with modern interfaces and facilitates easy communication between employees and HR, enhancing transparency across the organization. To ensure compliance with the constantly evolving healthcare regulations, UKG Ready HR is equipped with features to manage regulatory updates and maintain audit trails, significantly reducing compliance risks.

HRIS & UKG Services
HRIS & UKG Services

UKG Ready Scheduler

UKG Ready Scheduler is specifically designed to address the complexities of workforce management in healthcare. It allows managers to create efficient and compliant schedules by considering critical factors such as employee preferences, required certifications, and business needs like budget constraints and workload forecasts.

This tool automates the scheduling process, allowing your healthcare managers to optimize their staffing by aligning the right personnel based on their qualifications and availability.

The scheduler enhances operational efficiency to increase workforce productivity and helps manage labor costs effectively by providing insights into scheduling patterns and potential budget overruns. It also increases transparency, allowing employees to view their schedules in real-time and request shift changes, thereby promoting a more balanced work-life environment and empowering employees to have more control over their schedules.

In short, with Axiom and UKG Ready, you gain:

  • Immediate access to precise information on workforce metrics, financial limitations, and staffing requirements.
  • The ability to enhance autonomy for your staff, while also increasing the clarity of the scheduling process.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re facing the ongoing challenge of managing complex HR tasks while striving to enhance patient care and compliance in your healthcare organization, it’s time to discover how Axiom and UKG Ready can streamline your operations.

Let us help you focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional healthcare.

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