Human Capital Management Solutions for Nonprofits

Empowering Mission-Driven Workforces

In the nonprofit sector, where every dollar and minute counts toward advancing your mission, managing a diverse and often fluctuating workforce requires not just hard work, but smart work.

Axiom Human Resource Solutions brings sophisticated human capital management software (HCM) tools that cater specifically to the unique needs of nonprofits, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring that your resources are directed towards impactful work rather than administrative burdens.


How Does Axiom Help Nonprofits?

Axiom, through its targeted human resource solutions and HCM software, assists nonprofits in effectively managing operational costs and increasing overall efficiency, enabling your organization to dedicate more resources to its core missions.

Here’s how our HCM system can provide support:

Cost Management

Operating within budget constraints is a continual challenge for nonprofits, requiring highly efficient resource allocation strategies. Axiom’s solutions enhance process efficiency by automating routine administrative tasks, not only saving you precious time but also reducing the expenses associated with manual handling.

By cutting operational costs, your nonprofit can redirect more resources toward mission-critical activities, extending your impact on the community. Axiom’s human capital management system also offers detailed reporting features that allow your nonprofit to track and analyze spending patterns accurately.

Increased Efficiency

Axiom provides nonprofits with a suite of tools that streamline various HR processes, from onboarding new staff to managing complex payroll systems and benefits administration. By automating and integrating HR tasks, your nonprofit can deliver its services more effectively and adapt more quickly to community needs.

Enhanced efficiency also helps your nonprofit reduce administrative overhead, freeing up your staff to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by procedural tasks. In addition to operational efficiency, Axiom’s solutions also enhance employee experiences by providing intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows, which can boost job satisfaction and overall productivity within your organization.

Expertise in Nonprofit HR

Axiom’s team of HR professionals offers a deep well of experience within the nonprofit sector, providing crucial support to organizations that might not possess extensive in-house HR capabilities. Specialized expertise is invaluable for navigating the unique challenges faced by nonprofits, such as managing a diverse volunteer workforce, employee data, and adhering to sector-specific regulatory requirements.

Axiom understands the nuances of nonprofit HR demands and offers tailored solutions that address workforce planning issues from volunteer retention to compliance with fair labor practices. Moreover, Axiom offers ongoing training and support to nonprofit HR teams, helping them stay current with best practices and emerging trends in performance management and HR operations.


For nonprofits, staying abreast of ever-changing employment laws and regulations is a formidable challenge. Axiom alleviates this burden by continuously updating its systems to reflect the latest legal requirements, thereby ensuring your organization remains compliant.

Taking a proactive approach to compliance not only protects nonprofits from potential fines and legal disputes but also instills confidence among donors and stakeholders regarding the organization’s governance standards. Axiom’s compliance management tools integrate seamlessly into everyday processes, making it easier for nonprofits to maintain legal and ethical standards without diverting focus from their primary missions.

Risk Management

Nonprofits face a variety of unique human resources risks, from the high turnover rates typical of volunteer-driven efforts to the potential for fraud within the organization. Axiom’s comprehensive risk management solutions provide early detection of these issues, allowing nonprofits to take proactive steps to mitigate risks before they escalate.

Risk management tools include advanced analytics to monitor patterns that may indicate problems, such as unexpected changes in volunteer behavior or discrepancies in financial reporting. By addressing risks promptly, your nonprofit can maintain a secure, trustworthy environment that protects both its assets and its reputation.

Talent Acquisition

The challenge of attracting and retaining dedicated, skilled personnel is particularly important in the nonprofit sector, where resources for competitive salaries and benefits are often limited. Axiom simplifies the recruitment process with tools that automate job postings, candidate screening, and the interview process, making it more efficient and less costly to find the right candidates.

By streamlining tasks, Axiom helps nonprofits quickly fill vacancies with qualified individuals who are aligned with the organization’s mission and values. Furthermore, Axiom’s solutions include robust talent management systems that can assist your nonprofit in developing and retaining its staff, ensuring a stable, engaged workforce that can drive your organization toward its strategic goals.

Axiom Partners with UKG for Nonprofit HCM Solutions

In partnership with Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), Axiom offers tailored HCM solutions that bring comprehensive, integrated HR capabilities to nonprofits.

UKG solutions integrate HR, time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, absence management, talent management, and more to create a single employee record that’s updated in real-time to drive more informed decision-making.

This collaboration between Axiom and UKG leverages UKG’s robust suite of tools including its HR systems, payroll, and scheduling solutions, combined in a single platform to ensure real-time updating and seamless operation.

UKG Ready HR

For nonprofits, UKG Ready HR streamlines essential HR functions, automating processes from payroll to time tracking, and freeing up staff to focus more on mission-critical activities. Moreover, it offers cost-effective solutions by minimizing administrative overheads and errors which can lead to compliance penalties.

Intuitive dashboards and in-depth reporting help managers understand key workforce management trends, such as tardiness, absenteeism, overtime, turnover, and more, to identify potential issues and take immediate action before budgets or services are impacted.

The platform’s tools span the entire employee lifecycle, enhancing everything from recruitment to retirement planning to compensation management, and providing strategic data that aids in making informed operational decisions.

HRIS & UKG Services
HRIS & UKG Services

UKG Ready Scheduler

UKG Ready Scheduler addresses the scheduling challenges unique to nonprofits, such as managing part-time staff and volunteers. It allows for the creation of flexible schedules that accommodate varying availability and program demands, ensuring optimal staffing at all times.

This tool also includes features for managing volunteer assignments efficiently, enhancing the volunteer experience, and optimizing labor costs, important for budget adherence.

In short, with Axiom and UKG you can:

  • Automate administrative tasks for time, attendance, HR, and payroll so your managers can focus on the greater mission
  • Empower employees with HR tools that help manage schedules, make payment preferences, access forms, and more
  • Get anytime access to real-time payroll for greater transparency and accurate paychecks

Ready to Learn More?

If your nonprofit is striving to optimize operational efficiency while maintaining employee engagement and a focus on delivering exceptional service and fulfilling your mission, it’s time to consider how Axiom and UKG Ready can revolutionize your HR management.

We will help you enhance your operational capabilities so you can focus on what truly matters—making a significant impact in the communities you serve.

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