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Comprehensive HR Software Solutions for Your Industry

In partnership with Ultimate Kronos Group Ready™,  Axiom with CEOs, owners, managers, executives and decision makers at companies large and small to deliver comprehensive and tailored HR software solutions. Our goal is simply to help support your business’ success. 

Our sophisticated and user-friendly human capital management (HCM) and employee management platform enables you to streamline day-to-day tasks, focusing on employee engagement and patient outcomes. Addressing key trends identified by Gartner, we help track employees via next-gen workforce management solutions and use technology to support their development and well-being.

Here’s how we empower our customers.

Human Resources Management

Scheduling Simplified

Streamline your scheduling process with Ultimate Kronos Group Ready™ Scheduler, ensuring the right people are deployed where and when they are needed most. In times of hiring challenges and increasing turnover rates, our solution eliminates guesswork, supporting your workforce in a more impactful and actionable way. Real-time visibility into accurate data, budget constraints, and staffing demands allows for more scheduling autonomy.

Streamlined Payroll, Timekeeping, and Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of healthcare regulations and employment laws effortlessly with Axiom and Ultimate Kronos Group Ready. Our solution automates tasks and tracks data, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring compliance. Document company policies, manage employee profiles, and establish automated processes to adhere to shifting labor regulations.

Reduced Cost of Labor Management

Labor accounts for a significant portion of organizational budgets, and effective cost management is crucial. Axiom and Ultimate Kronos Group Ready empower you to customize payroll solutions, greatly reducing time spent on payroll through automated processes and providing real-time access to reports and data. This holistic view of labor costs allows for efficient management, preventing issues like overstaffing, uncaught overtime, and staffing uncertainties.

Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time access to operational data so you can address key workforce challenges right away.

Intelligent Labor Scheduling

Automatically create best-fit schedules that take into account production demand and employee skills, certifications, and preferences.

Easy Mobile Access

Connect and empower your workforce with access to view work-related information, swap shifts, and make time-off requests from anywhere.

Real-Time Workforce Visibility

Get instant insight into workforce performance and costs to optimize and make proactive labor decisions.

Minimized Compliance Risk

Automatically apply complex work and pay rules across your dispersed workforce to improve compliance with labor laws, rules, and regulations.

Improved Talent Retention

Automated workflows, new-hire checklists, and pre-integrated background screening help you quickly source, screen, track, and hire workers.

Streamlined Processes

Automate administrative tasks for time and attendance. HR, and payroll so managers can focus on the greater mission.

Simplified Employee Self Service

Empower employees with HR tools that help them manage their schedules, make payment preferences, access W-2 forms, and more.

Easy Payroll Processing

Get any-time access to real-time payroll for greater transparency and accurate paychecks.

AI Forecasting and Smart Scheduling

Apply powerful machine learning processes to your data to build better forecasts based on your unique business drivers. Create best-fit schedules, and empower employees with self-service access.

Easy, Open Communication

Make it easy for your teams to stay in touch and keep visibility intact. Use news feeds and notifications to share important communications, while you leverage surveys and communication channels for employees to share feedback.

Enhanced Security with Cloud-Based HCM Solutions

Manage your workforce more efficiently than ever with secure and streamlined HR, talent, payroll, and workforce management solutions team members can access from anywhere.

Elevate Efficiency and Ensure Employee Satisfaction With Axiom

Axiom Human Resources Solutions, in partnership with Ultimate Kronos Group Ready, brings efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness to healthcare HR, addressing the dynamic challenges faced by organizations across various industries.

What Industries Does Axiom Serve?

At Axiom, we understand that each sector possesses its own set of challenges, intricacies, and regulations. That’s why we’ve tailored our comprehensive HR solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses operating in a wide array of industries, including: 

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Hospitality Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Landscaping and Field Services
  • Nonprofits
  • Retail Services

Explore how Axiom can empower your organization to thrive within your industry, with tailored HR solutions designed to elevate your workforce management strategies and propel your business forward.

Who Uses Our Services? 

At Axiom Human Resources Solutions, our comprehensive solutions have proven indispensable to a diverse range of professionals who play pivotal roles in organizational success. Our services are sought after by:

  • Forward-thinking CEOs and business owners aiming for strategic HR excellence.
  • Finance executives searching for robust cost management.
  • HR managers looking for tailored solutions to streamline their processes.
  • IT decision-makers want to enhance efficiency, compliance, and cyber security. 
  • Operations executives in need of seamless workflow integration. 
  • Payroll managers on the lookout for simplified and effective payroll solutions. 

Our commitment to empowering every facet of an organization has made us the go-to choice for a multitude of key decision-makers. Join the league of successful leaders who trust Axiom for transformative HR solutions.

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