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At Axiom Human Resources, we go deeper to face our clients’ challenges with effective strategies that meet their business objectives. In collaboration with Ultimate Kronos Group Ready™, the Axiom team specializes in building custom HR software solutions, such as our human capital management (HCM) and employee management platform, for businesses and organizations of all sizes across diverse industries.

We put our combined experience to work and have created a comprehensive selection of resources to keep you and your team informed about industry data and our proven services. Develop a deeper understanding of our tailored management process and access insider tips – from improving internal communication to how you can make the most of our solutions.

Check out our expansive client resource list below or contact our team today to streamline your HCM and employee management systems so you can move forward with your daily business operations with confidence.


Explore our array of insightful blogs written by the Axiom team and gain valuable insights into industry trends, solutions, and our expansive services. These articles offer practical solutions and actionable strategies to your workforce challenges.

From guides on implementing HCM software to tips for engaging your employees, we cover topics relevant to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Dive into our blogs to gain knowledge that empowers your organization’s growth and success.

Benefits Administration Software FAQs

Benefits Administration Software FAQs

Many benefits administrators know firsthand the challenges that come from using outdated or inefficient systems to manage the enrollment process. When old methods aren’t cutting...

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Get in the know with Axiom’s video resources. In these visual guides, we explain our solutions for specific industries and provide tangible examples of how we can address common pain points in each field.

Industry Workforce Management Solutions

Discover tailored strategies for your unique industry. View our sector-specific video collection here.

Healthcare Provider HCM

Manufacturing HCM

HCM for any industry

Workforce Management Solutions

Find tips on how to effectively schedule and utilize a service from our comprehensive offerings.

Absence Management

Standardize processes such as requesting a leave of absence, checking eligibility, generating documentation, sending notification reminders, and following up

Performance Management 

Eliminate complex, paper-based forms, streamline the performance review process, and support development of both salaried and hourly employees.

Onboarding Solution

Start building successful relationships, increasing employee engagement, and improving business performance before day one.

Scheduling Solutions

Take the guesswork out of scheduling to support your people in a more impactful, actionable way and help them balance their life-work experiences.

Recruiting Solutions

Find qualified applicants without sacrificing your time-to-hire and cost-to-hire goals, and continuously improve recruiting processes and hiring practices.

Demo Videos

Take a closer look at how our HR software solutions work and how they can help your business.

DEMO: An introduction to Axiom’s HRIS Human Resources solution

DEMO: An introduction to Axiom’s HRIS Payroll solution

DEMO: An introduction to Axiom’s HRIS Benefits solution

An introduction to Axiom’s Client Services team

Hear From the Axiom Team

Our clients trust us with their human capital management solutions for a reason. We understand the delicate touch required for managing your most important asset – your people. Life is too short to lose valuable time focusing on minute tasks instead of running and growing your business operations.

Hear directly from our team members about key strategies to help you save time, money, and energy by optimizing your human capital management software and staffing solutions with Axiom. Check out our employee videos to learn more.


Delve into our collection of whitepapers for comprehensive information about critical industry trends and innovative human capital management solutions. From emerging AI capabilities to economic impact statistics, our whitepapers are written by our internal experts to keep you informed to ensure a strategic approach to employee management.

The Total Economic Impact of Kronos

The Total Economic Impact of Kronos

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investment in UKG Ready (formerly Kronos) Workforce Ready Suite, Forrester interviewed a customer with several years of experience using the Human Capital Management Suite.

The Total Economic Impact of Kronos

Human Capital Management in the Age of AI

Our HCM Solution suite leads the way in artificial intelligence (AI) for human capital management (HCM) by applying it practically in the flow of work to facilitate action and boost strategic impact across the employee lifecycle. 

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As leaders in the employee management industry, Axiom goes beyond surface-level HR solutions to empower you and your leadership team to strive for a greater level of organization and workplace community optimization. For more information on our services and tailored recommendations for your company, contact us today.

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