Employee-engagement-best-practices-800x400Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo News. It is so easy to get off track in the vast world of distractions we have at our fingertips. This is no different in the workforce either.

According to Gallup, about 70% of Americans are disengaged at work. Do you realize how much money that costs employers? About $450-$500 Billion a year is how much (The Engagement Institute). That is astonishing and is the modern-day form of robbery. Imagine how all that wasted time and money could be used for your business.

If your budget is tight or you just want to make your workplace more hip and cultured, we have 3 tips that are going to maximize your workforce performance.

Recognize Employees

The “hard-nosed” boss days are over, and employees need to feel appreciated. A pat on the back here and there will do a lot for employee moral which directly relates to saving you thousands of dollars, whether you believe it or not. A sense of purpose and meaning will help engage employees. So next time you think giving a compliment will make you seem “soft,” suck up your pride and do it for your workforce.

Give Them Challenging, Important Jobs

What is a main reason why employees are doing everything but their job? I’ll tell it to you straight up: THEY ARE BORED!!!    Believe it or not, more people like a challenge than you think. There are some super competitive people out there and if they are constantly working on the same things, they get bored. They feed off that sense of competing. Do your self a favor, and don’t try to do everything yourself, let someone else give it a shot!

Truly Care

This is not to say you should be best buddies with all your workforce; that may lead down the wrong direction but taking interest and truly caring for your workforce will make for a positive work experience. Get to know their professional goals and be there to help them make strides towards those goals. It is much easier to do your job when you don’t feel underappreciated.

Declining profits due to employee dis-engagement can often get missed. We are caught up in so many things, sometimes our most valuable asset can get over looked. Employees drive business, and it takes little effort to make sure they feel appreciated, as well as challenged. Save your business TIME and MONEY by making sure you are taking care of the little things that have the most impact on your business success.