shutterstock_688690210Every year, many employers are required to submit information from OSHA Form 300A, which is a summary of work-related injuries and illnesses as recorded on Form 300. The due date for submitting this information to OSHA in 2018 is July 1.

In addition, companies are required to post last year’s OSHA Form 300A annual summary at the workplace in a public area. You may also print and distribute the summary to all employees. This must be posted by February 1, and must remain posted for at least three full months.

Keep in mind that you’re required to post and/or distribute this form even if your business had no reportable workplace injuries or illnesses. If you need Form 300 or 300A, you can download them directly from OSHA.

Most businesses are required to use Forms 300 and 300A if they employ more than 250 people, or if they employ between 20 and 249 people in certain industries that have high incidences of workplace injuries and illnesses. Be sure to check out the list of exempt or partially exempt industries to see if the reporting requirements apply to your company.

Injuries that must be reported to OSHA include those that result in death, losing consciousness, inability to perform work functions, missed work time, or a restricted schedule. If an injury only requires minor first aid and doesn’t influence job performance, it does not need to be reported. If an injury requires discreet reporting—such as a sexual assault—the employer should refer to the employee as “privacy case” on the form.

There are several ways you can submit your forms to OSHA. You can find more information about these options here. Make sure that you are keeping track of these forms for at least the last five years in case OSHA contacts you to review them.

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