If you’ve reviewed HRIS systems, you’ve probably heard the Employee Self-Service Portal or “ESS” mentioned as a benefit. Here, we break down what self-service portals are, and how such an offering can really benefit both your staff and company.

What is a Self-Service Portal?
The best HR management systems include self-service portals for employees so they may easily access their employment data such as pay statements and make transactions such as picking up overtime or requesting PTO from anywhere, 24 hours a day. These tasks can be done either from a computer or mobile device.  The use of self-service simplifies processes for the employee, and takes the pressure off the HR department so the staff can spend more time on other initiatives.

Benefits of utilizing a self-service portal include:

Improved Efficiencies
When an employee is able to do things like punch in and out from their mobile devices, acknowledge breaks for compliance purposes or answer valuable questions about things like health protocols, it creates more efficiencies throughout the organization. It’s better for the environment because it reduces paper, it streamlines processes to reduce time taken for tasks and allows for faster results that are then recorded to create valuable, real-time data for the organization.

Immediate Access to Benefits Information
Rather than go through the hassle of being passed around to multiple customer service representatives, employees can immediately see all the insurance benefits information they need, right at their fingertips. They can easily view their policies, statements, benefit cards and coverage, whenever the need arises, from any location. This may reduce the number of questions that HR receives, while saving the employee time and frustration.

Reduces Error and Increases Security
Because employees are able to access their available HR employee information, they are able to quickly update the system with any changes that take place. This takes the burden off the HR department, and allows for the employee to update the data in their own profile with life events such as moves, marriages and births, which reduces the chance of error. Also, with this information being housed exclusively online, it helps for companies to keep their data compliant with regulatory rules, particularly with the built-in security features the portal offers.

Increased Overall Employee Engagement
Making the lives of your employees easier shows that you support and value them, which often results in better retention. Offering self-service access gives a sense of transparency from the organization to give the ability to access important data without having to go through HR. In addition to benefits, employee records and time management, the sky is the limit with self-service services. Whether offering online learning, ways for employees to connect to each other through the portal, or sharing important company-related communication, your employees will reap the benefits from the at-their-fingertips access.

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