In today’s tech-heavy work environment, the best human resource management (HRM) starts with a complete analysis of your business systems.  It is common during an initial assessment of a client’s HRM needs to reveal serious shortcomings in employee time and labor tracking and recording. Furthermore, I regularly discover that business owners and top-level executives are somewhat out of touch with how labor dollars are being allocated and spent.

Implementation of a reliable and state of the art human resource information system can help to answer critical business analysis questions in real time.  Are employees working their entire shifts?  Are allotted lunch and breaks being taken advantage of?  Are employees clocking others in and out?  How much time is being allocated to what tasks?

Whether your business has 10 employees or 10,000, it is important to equip yourself and your management team with the tools necessary to compete with most efficient players in your industry.  No matter whether your business situation requires swipe cards, spreadsheets or retinal scans for time keeping mechanisms, the functionality of the software behind the collection device is ultimately what defines the efficiency and usefulness to management.  A completely customizable, integrated and user friendly human resource management solution may exist at little or no additional cost.  When was the last time you analyzed your business systemization?