HR-TechnologyWith changing technology, skills and worker demographics, the employment landscape has changed exceptionally over the years.  We have all noticed these changes and must adopt the trends of the working world. This is no different for the HR department.


The most apparent change is due to Information technology. If one is looking for a job, where do you think they go? I’m assuming most people would get this one correct. Accessing jobs online is just a simple search away. With online services such as Glassdoor and Indeed, information technology has contributed to the transparency in hiring. Candidates can see salary information in different industries, as well as employee reviews of the company.

This has led to a recruitment process that has been simplified and allows employers and job seekers to connect in an instant. Companies now have many different resources available to them to find candidates. From media such as LinkedIn and Indeed to digital staffing agencies. These technology-based services have played a key role in hiring and human resource management. Technology has also made available the ability of remote work, which can be a major selling point for recruiters. This also allows companies to have a global search for candidates as opposed to just local.

Skill Shift

Many industries still rely heavily on manual labor, but much of the labor growth has been seen in service, knowledge work, entertainment and health care. The upcoming working class has strong technological knowledge, for the most part. Companies like Axiom exist on a platform that is accessible from anywhere at any time which appeals to the technological advanced workforce and businesses.

With this comes a shift in production and speed. With access to an unlimited amount of information at one’s fingertips, the productivity of a worker has increased substantially. At the same time, that unlimited amount of information can be used to decrease productivity. Social media and non-work-related internet browsing has been a result of decreased productivity.

Workforce Demographics

Millennial’s and Generation Z employees have a different view and expectation of work than the now retiring Baby Boomers. Millennial’s have grown up during this fast paced, technologically eccentric environment that it has changed how they approach work. HR has adapted to provide benefits to this demographic which has allows them a greater work life balance that is highly sought after for these age groups.

Adapting is the name of the game. If companies don’t adapt, they will fall stagnant. With all the changes in the work environment happening every day, it is easy to get behind. Outsourcing certain activities can ensure that you can focus your time on things that matter to you. HR and payroll are probably areas that don’t give you the most excitement. At Axiom, we take pride in adapting to the ever-changing HR and payroll world, and we would love to help you! Contact Axiom HRS today at