How Technology Helps Mitigate Compliance Risk in Long Term Care

If there’s one constant in Long Term Care, it’s the ever-changing rules and complex regulatory guidelines. Add those fluctuations to the myriad changes that have occurred with COVID-19, and an unorganized, paper-driven LTC facility can quickly find itself facing penalties for breaking compliance laws and potentially jeopardize the health and safety of its patients.

For an LTC organization to become and stay compliant, efficient administrative processes must be established and then streamlined to mitigate error. This applies to all operational areas throughout the business including payroll, staffing, scheduling and case management, employee training, care delivery and patient safety.

Once these processes are set up, it often makes sense to go a step further and employ software to automate them. This not only reduces the risk of human error, thereby reducing potentially costly mistakes including fines for breaking regulatory compliance laws ­– but it also creates efficiencies for the workforce, which save time and money previously spent on tedious manual tasks. And of course, a well-run LTC business ultimately positively affects the level of care for the patients it serves.

How Tech-Enabled Employees Can Help

Software that allows for employee self-service that accurately collects time and labor data from a variety of sources allows administrators to react in the moment and make necessary changes that would affect compliance adherence. And the more information an organization can collect directly from employees, the better its able to analyze labor trends, attendance, spending, payroll, training, reporting and other activities that can ultimately affect compliance risk.

Because of COVID, LTC businesses have also come to appreciate the ability for employees to use their own devices to log their time, which complies with the need for distance as well as occupancy regulations during a pandemic. Additionally, overall, the self-service option highlights the organization’s dedication to its employees and patients to remain safe and healthy.

It’s guaranteed that regulations will continue to change and evolve over time, with or without another unexpected turn such as COVID-19. And luckily, sophisticated software – including the offerings from Axiom Human Resource Solutions – to manage Human Capital Management for LTC businesses has kept up with the changing needs.

Axiom’s single platform, multi-faceted HRS solution offers a one-stop-shop to take the time and stress out of Human Capital Management. Gain valuable insights into your labor trends and all facets of operations that affect your regulatory compliance, in real-time so your organization can react to mitigate risk in the moment. For more information and to receive a free demo, contact us today.