Feeling sluggish? Indulge too much over the holidays? Do you want to eat better?

As March is National Nutrition Month®, now is as good a time as any to make some small changes as you journey toward better health. Below are a few strategies from our friends at Apex Benefits that can help make healthier eating a bit easier to achieve.

  • Make vegetables and fruit convenient. If you open the fridge and the first things you see are carrot and cucumber sticks, there’s a good chance those are the snacks you will choose. And if you have a cookie jar on your counter, replace it with a bowl of fruit. It’s better to pick an apple or banana instead of cookies, and that’s more likely if fruit is the first thing you see.
  • Always shop on a full stomach. Why? If you shop hungry, you’re more likely to grab something convenient to munch on, such as ultra-processed chips or a chocolate bar. And you’re also more likely to make more impulse purchases (food you don’t need but crave in the moment) and spend more money than you planned. Instead, shop with a grocery list and try to stick to it.
  • Skip the distractions. People tend to eat more when paying attention to a computer, TV screen or tablet, instead of focusing on food. Dine without electronics and pay attention to every delicious bite. Focusing just on your food is also linked to being less hungry later on, because your memory reminds you of your previous meal.
  • Set realistic expectations. While pictures of beautiful food and glamorous people on social media can be aspirational, they can also make us feel inadequate. Instead of inspiration from models and chefs, fill your social media feeds with more realistic lifestyles. It’s better for your self-esteem.

For more information, visit the American Heart Association website.