shutterstock_449046400Sometimes the “old-school” still reigns over the “new-school.” Companies now a days are ousting the traditional workplace benefits by offering perks like onsite workout classes, napping pods, coffee bars, and the best of all…office pets!

With the modernization of the work environment, some old school tried and true traditions still have their place. What on earth could we be talking about here? Standardized employee reviews allow the opportunity to gain quantifiable information regarding work performance and contribution of your employee’s. Here are some tips to get your business started.

Start From the Interview

Set expectations from the beginning. You should be tracking the employee from the moment they start. This should be made clear during the interview process, to show that your company is a goal oriented one. This will also ensure that everyone is on the same page and sets expectations.

Understand What is Being Measured

Determine what is being measured and how it will be measured. This is especially key for those startups and new managers. Continual feedback will be necessary to monitor the progress of the employee and keep them on track.

Don’t Let it be One-Sided

These reviews should be interactive and allow all parties involved to voice their opinions. A one-sided conversation gives off a demanding vibe as opposed to a collaborative effort. After all, the success of a business evolves around a team effort.

Standardized reviews don’t have to be bland; they can be tailored to match your company culture. A strong, thriving workforce makes for a business model that has no option but to succeed.