Although there’s no law that an employee handbook be used, it’s definitely a best practice. We love the guide that our partner, Mineral, created outlining the top benefits of using a handbook:

  1. It allows employees and managers to reference important policies
  2. It communicates organizational culture and expectations
  3. It standardizes what appropriate employee conduct looks like

Despite these obvious benefits, it can be challenging for employers to know when to update their handbook, and exactly what policy language ought to be included. Mineral has pulled data from surveys it conducted in 2020 and 2021, and found that although a majority of companies try to update their handbook or policies once per year, many companies go without updates for much longer. The surveys also uncovered that the most challenging parts of managing a handbook are ongoing review and updates; tracking state compliance requirements; and tracking federal compliance requirements.

Interested in learning more about building or maintaining your employee handbook? Download a helpful infographic with all of Mineral’s findings and recommendations.