While paid vacation leave is not required under the Fair Labor Standards Act, small businesses should try to incorporate it to be competitive with larger corporations. There are generally two types of vacation benefits provided to employees: specific paid leave days for vacations, personal days, sick days, etc., or a set number of days used at the employees’ discretion classified as Paid Time Off (PTO).

PTO gives employees the option to choose what they want to use their paid time off for. An employee who accrues 15 days off would be able to utilize those days however he or she chooses. The majority of employers base the amount of days given off on how long the employee has worked at the company; however, accruals can be structured any way an employer chooses.  With the increased systemization available through Axiom’s state of the art Human Resource Information System, employers have the flexibility to base accruals on whatever driver they choose.  That driver is automatically calculated by the system and vacation requests can be made and tracked automatically over the web removing the burden entirely from the administrative team.

An HRM company such as Axiom HRS can help reduce the stress of juggling multiple employee vacation timelines and company paid benefits while maintaining a business at the same time. Our professional team and systemization is capable of administering vacation scheduling, approval and tracking for employees and supervisors.