Does the U.S. economy have a productivity hangover? Chris Matthews writes on that economic forecasters have been overly optimistic. The foreseeable future, he concludes, will require no shades.

Forget great coffee. Well, maybe not, but items topping the list of employee wants according to a recent LinkedIn survey have much more to do with culture. Challenging work doesn’t hurt, either. Take a look at the full results on

changing-1940x900_29420People are full of surprises. But you’re an adult, you know that already. Minimize surprises and the unpleasantness that so often arises around them by watching out for the 5 Human Resources Mistakes Small Businesses Make.

Next month, the federal government’s online health insurance portal for small businesses is opening early in five states. Although, if recent history repeats, we’d put our money on that being delayed, as well.

We were all a little uneasy about desktop computers at one time, too, and about giving employees Internet access. In other words, if you haven’t started using mobile human resources apps for your business, it’s high time you consider it. We have some pointers for that.