Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a game changer for HR departments everywhere because it truly transforms the way HR functions are performed. An HRIS can do so many things ­­– streamline HR processes, improve accuracy, increase efficiency by automating manual tasks and allow for better overall communication across an organization – to name just a few. These automated tasks allow more time for HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives to help their organizations better manage their human capital.

Streamlining HR Processes
One of the most important benefits of HRIS is the ability to automate HR processes. For instance, an HRIS can automate the process of posting job openings, tracking applicants and conducting background checks. This saves HR professionals time while subsequently eliminating manual errors. In addition, HRIS can automate the process of tracking employee attendance and PTO requests, freeing up HR teams from manual data entry and allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Improving Accuracy in HR
HRIS increases accuracy through its ability to track and analyze real-time data. When all HR data is in one place and easy to access, HR teams can quickly evaluate the most up-to-date information available to make sound business decisions, even in changing environments. This also eliminates the need to search through paper files or multiple systems, saving time and increasing efficiency. Now, tracking metrics such as employee turnover and cost per hire is at the HR teams’ fingertips, allowing for the quick identification of trends and patterns among employee behaviors.

Automating Manual Tasks
Although everything we mentioned above is a benefit of automating manual tasks, it’s also very important to mention that HRIS undoubtedly helps organizations comply with ever-changing labor laws and regulations. An HRIS can automatically track and report on things like equal opportunity and affirmative action, ensuring that companies follow laws and regulations. It can also provide automated reminders for things like performance evaluations and salary reviews, ensuring that HR teams stay on top of important HR-related tasks.

Better Communication & Employee Experience
HRIS can improve overall communication within an organization by providing a centralized platform for HR teams to communicate with employees and vice versa. For example, an HRIS can host an employee “bulletin board,” where HR teams can post important announcements and employees can provide feedback.

One of the most impactful benefits of HRIS is the improvement in employee self-service. HRIS can provide employees with easy access to their HR information including pay and benefits information, as well as PTO requests and vacation time used. This not only saves HR teams time, but empowers employees to feel more control over their HR information. HRIS can also provide an online portal for employees to request time off or report changes to their personal information, freeing up HR teams from manual data entry.

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