Both state and federal laws govern the employment of individuals under the age of 18. When both federal and state laws apply, employers must follow the law with the standard that is more strict. As a general rule, Indiana youth employment laws apply to employees under the age of 18 who are employed or seeking employment in Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL) monitors and enforces compliance with youth employment laws across the state. This Employment Law Summary provides an overview of youth employment laws in Indiana.


State law requires employers to register with the IDOL if they hire, employ or permit five or more minors to work in a gainful occupation. To register, an employer must use the Youth Employment System (YES) to provide the IDOL:

  • The name of the employer;
  • The electronic mail address of the employer;
  • The number of minors the employer has hired, employed or permitted to work in a gainful occupation; and
  • Any other information required by the department.

Employers must complete this registration within three business days of hiring, employing or permitting five or more minors to work in a gainful occupation. Separate registrations may be required for each location employers employ five or more minors under the conditions mentioned above.

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