Payroll: If your business is typical, it’s not only your largest operating expense, but also one of your biggest headaches. Just accounting for the work that’s been done ends up amounting to a lot more work, costing you both time and money.

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There’s no good reason to keep going about payroll the hard way when so much of it can be managed easily and automatically. This is where our automated Time and Labor Management application comes in. By automating the input of basic information, comprehensively maintaining accruals and time off requests, distributing employee schedules and schedule change requests, the application takes care of the drudge work, allowing you to focus on the big picture: getting the most done in the most efficient way possible.

The system tracks all your time related compliance data including that related to the Affordable Care Act as it goes, which means you’re not just compliant, you’re prepared to handle any potential audit with a few simple clicks. You save your employees time, too, which means they can be that much more productive. It really is that rarest of business solutions: a win-win.

If you need any further incentive, there’s this: Tools within the application allow you to analyze your workflow through the time and labor data that’s already been input. You’ll be able to see clearly where staffing efficiencies can be improved and how best to improve them.

Have a look at the video below, and contact us to learn even more. As the video points out, the time that everyone spends on payroll could be better spent on more important things. Namely, the business of your business.